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Corporate Profile
Green Leader Holdings Group Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability, the “Company” or “Green Leader”) is a listed limited company on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code 0061). The Company has five coal mines in Shanxi Province, the PRC, which can have an annual production capacity up to 4,000,000 tonnes.  From 2015, the Company’s investment direction has accentuated to market-oriented and sustainable industrial development. In 2016, the Company began to use cassava as raw material to process into all types of edible starch and industrial starch by biological recycling industry chain, and to process by-products such as alcohol, biofuel ethanol, organic fertilizer, organic feeds, biogas and bioelectricity by invested construction industry chain. The Company has also begun to acquire a large amount of land for development, and aim to be in procession of land with an aggregate area of 43,000 hectares (equivalent to approximately 645,000 mu) in Cambodia.

The operational model of the Company is based on 20,000 hectares (equivalent to approximately 300,000mu) of land as an operational module system for highly standardized, modernized and integrated management, and in turn, can facilitate the replication of future operational and profitable modules.