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Non-executive Director
Mr. Chang Che-Fa
– Non-executive Director
Mr. Chang, holds a bachelor's degree from the agricultural faculty of Taiwan University. He has over 45 years of extensive operation experience in the development of natural resources in Southeast Asia, covering agriculture, fishery production, bulk trade, energy industry, marine engineering, industrial zone development, etc. He studied in the United States, specializing in plant breeding and large-scale farm development and management. Then he went to Indonesia to engage in agricultural and forestry development and was responsible for the consolidation of sugar mills and ceramics factories. He also participated in the offshore maritime project in Indonesia and continued to build the maritime engineering port in Taiwan. In 1976, he managed farms and forest farms in Thailand and Laos and invested in textile fiber production and corn processing. In 1988, he assisted Taiwan and Vietnam to establish 越盛公司 (Yuesheng Company*) for developing the process export zones, building the container terminals, investing the first 650MW power plant in in Vietnam, and expanding the banana industry and cassava processing agricultural products trade. Since 1983, he has been engaged in the trading of bulk agricultural products in China and since 1997, he has promoted the agriculture, fishery and nickel mining industries in Indonesia and Cambodia.

* For identification purpose only